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Hello everyone!

Yesterday I entered my drawing 'Optimist/Pessimist' into this online competition
I need votes in order to win, around 800 more to be within a chance of winning, and the competition end on the 31st of this month
It would mean the world to me if you could vote for me, it'll take a minute or two of your time but it'd mean the world to me

Thank you so much in advance.
This is my first journal entry, and I apologise for being quite absent of deviantART, I still appreciate ALL your kind words and support

Have a nice, productive day everyone



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Kate Louise Powell
United Kingdom
> > > > < < < < If anyone is interested in buying anything???? (fingers crossed)

I'm 18

I'M REALLY SORRY FOR NOT REPLYING TO PEOPLE'S LOVELY COMMENTS :-( I hardly ever come on here these days and although I read every wonderful thing from you guys I don't have time to go through and thank you all, I hope I don't seem rude

I’ve wanted to be an artist ever since I was old enough to understand the fact that one day I would have to be something in order to make a living. For my 2nd birthday, I received a ‘mega-sketcher’ from my uncle, and as I was praised by my family for all the drawings of dinosaurs and sea-creatures I created there, I practised daily. I knew that art would be the driving force of my life when I realised that it was what made me stand out from the other children. I became ‘the girl who could draw’. My talent was something I carried around with me every single day, it was part of me, it made me who I was.

In 2011 I started to take art more seriously, when I realised being able to draw wasn’t enough to fuel a career, and so I started trying to make real art. I have loved nature all my life, it is the backbone of every thing, it is beautiful, and it is incorporated into most of my drawings and paintings. I like to embellish portraits and figures with elements of nature to combine ‘human’ and ‘natural’ beauty, and I also like to use nature to express more personal and emotional ideas. Butterflies are a regular occurrence, my awareness of and involvement in The Butterfly Project has meant that they have come to represent tiny little emblems of hope. As art is slowly becoming a bigger and bigger part of my life, my work is growing more personal, and closer to my heart. As well as dainty illustrations, I am trying to create pieces that can be seen as windows to my true soul.

These days, I still feel unsure about labelling myself as an artist, but drawing is what I do and who I am. If I didn’t draw I’d curl up and die. Every big breakthrough starts as a hare-brained idea, and I am trying to go off into the deep end, and take my art a little bit further, and this is what motivates me to keep going. I need to balance my routine portfolio with the new and untried, I need to take risks or I’ll fizzle out and never make anything of my so-called gift. I have a lot to learn, and learn I shall.

When it comes down to art, what motivates me most of all is the blankness of the page in front of me which cries out with so much possibility. I look at the blank sheet in front of me and know that I can do anything. I am free, there are no rules.

I am currently taking my A levels, I then plan to do an art foundation year, and then a three year BFA/FA at a nice university.

My name is Kate Powell, and I utterly adore making art.

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Domina81 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my god, I love your art so much :heart:
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thanks for the visit :D
naneeking Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Keep inspiring and sharing others your amazing work!! 
NyasiaEsylvester Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Professional
Outstanding work you have! Let me know if you're interested in using images of me as a reference to draw from or if you'd like a free set
Biimbol Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Student Photographer
Omg. You are so awesome. 
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Your art gallery is wonderful! Your paintings are amazing! SpongeBob (Spread the love) [V1] 
namtar57 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014
Brilliant work.
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Beautiful Gallery!!!
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Such gorgeous work!
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