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May 25, 2012
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Girl With The Hummingbirds by KatePowellArt Girl With The Hummingbirds by KatePowellArt
I\'m quite timid when it comes to using colour. But I\'ve decided I need to practice and push myself or I\'ll never get anywhere. This is Emily Ruhl (a model I really like) and I thought I\'d throw a few hummingbirds in there too
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XxParanoidAndroidxX Jun 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well the color on this sure isn't timid! It's beautiful! Do you use prisma's if you don't mind me asking? her blanket looks photo realistic! awesome
Like - you should try some more colour work.
ligitgood Oct 27, 2012  Student Digital Artist
It's lovely, and I really do like your style and facebook even posted your art on my facebook wall, I admire that you are 17 and draw so well and becoming so very popular!

I don't want to be a negative person about this piece, but since you want to go professional, and are only 17, I wanted to critique you and help you out before you get bad habits (Since I am in my senior year of art college, I know the human body very well). If you really wanted to improve, I would suggest being more careful about keeping facial features inline with one another. I can tell that you did her eyes and nose quite well because if you draw a line through her eyes, and a line at the bottom of her nose, it is obvious they are straight with one another. What is incorrect is her teeth: her teeth should be at the same angle, the way they are right now makes it look like the teeth on the girls left side are longer than those on the right!

"Constructive Anatomy" by George B Bridgman is ONLY 8.95, and has a wonderful section about head features

So does "The Human Figure" by John H. Vanderpoel, only 6.95,

These books are very cheap and hold so much information! If you have the money you should buy them and keep them at your art desk, to be read every once in a while to refresh yourself on how to draw figures and faces.

Please don't take this post negatively, I just really like your work and wanted to help you improve! :D
Thank you so much!!! I have taken your criticism on board and will use it to help me in the future :-) Thanks again!
No problem! Sorry to make such a novel of a post for you to read, I'm terrible at keeping messages short, but I really wanted to give you some useful information!
Love this, the colours have a cool warmth to them. Nice to see, and it really suits the subject.
Thank you so much!!!
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